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Buying a house is stressful enough, and getting a mortgage can prove a big challenge in itself. Even if you’re just remortgaging, it can seem like a mountain to climb.

Let us take some of the hassle away, and save you time on applications that might get declined. We have partnered with trusted broker – Clever Mortgages – who will look at your individual situation, give you qualified mortgage advice, and match you with the providers most likely to say YES!

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We’ll simply ask for some details about you and your situation, and find out what kind of mortgage you’re looking for.

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Our mortgage broker will try to find the best mortgage for you, and will be there to help you through to completion of your mortgage.

3. Get moving!

Once the mortgage is agreed, you can start looking forward to getting the keys to your new home!
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  • Helping you find your lowest possible rate
  • Moving home or remortgaging
  • We can help even if you have bad credit
  • Buying your first home

Let’s work it out

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Best rates are displayed, your circumstances may be different.

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How do I know which mortgage is suitable?

Mortgage eligibility

Your eligibility for a mortgage will depend on your personal circumstances, including your credit rating, and what your monthly outgoings are – for instance, if you have any children and so on.

Even if you think your credit is bad, and your outgoings are high, our broker will try and find the best mortgage for your circumstances.

Remortgage eligibility

Our brokers are busy every day scouring the market to find the best remortgage deals for each individual customer and their situation.

First, we ask for some basic information (this will be about your outgoings, and income, for instance) and then we match your needs and situation with the best deal out there for you.

We work with a wide range of mortgage lenders, so you can be confident that we search the market for all the best deals.

Mortgage Options

First-Time Buyer

Buying your first house is a really exciting time, but it can also be a little daunting. Our expert brokers can guide you when it comes to getting your first mortgage, and there are plenty of mortgages out there that are ideal for first-time buyers.

Better Chance Finance help you take that first step on to the property ladder, by finding the ideal lender for your situation.


Remortgaging can help save you cash every month – so can be absolutely worth the effort! Our brokers can match you with a lender who’ll provide you with the right option for you.

This could mean reducing your payments, payment term, or even paying for some home improvements.

Debt Consolidation

If you’ve got more than one kind of debt – maybe you’ve got credit cards, overdrafts, store cards, or other types of loans, if you’ve got equity in your house, you could remortgage to consolidate your debts. Then you just have to pay off with your monthly mortgage repayment each month. Doing this means all of your individual debts are consolidated into one single place – and just one payment to make each month.

Buy to Let (BTL)

Buy to Let mortgages tend to be interest-only, and so are cheaper than a repayment mortgage.

So, whether you’re looking to buy a house or a flat, renting property can still be a great source of income. We work with a trusted range of Buy to Let mortgage experts, and we’ll make sure we find the best rate for your situation.

How do we give you a Better Chance when applying for a mortgage?

Better rates

Better rates

Our broker will search the real-time current mortgage offers from a panel of lenders, making sure whatever your circumstances and credit rating or history, you’ve got a better chance of a lower rate when applying with us.

Finding out what mortgage you could get is FREE*.

Better variety of lenders

Better variety of lenders

Even if you’ve been rejected for a mortgage before, don’t worry, our broker has got access to top lenders and their best deals, and these aren’t always accessible directly to the public.

Applying is free*, and there’s no obligation, enquire now to find out which lenders would give you the best deal.

Better way to reduce the stress

Better way to reduce the stress

Moving house can be hugely stressful, with so much to organise – from finding out about schools, to booking in surveys – you can leave securing a mortgage to our lenders, knowing we’ll find a great the right deal for your situation.

Giving you a Better Chance at getting a mortgage, even if you’ve got bad credit.

We believe a poor credit history, shouldn’t mean a bleak credit future.

If you’ve got a bad credit history, you’ve probably found it can be tricky to get lenders to lend, and brokers may steer clear too. Getting a mortgage might seem impossible, even if you’ve had one before.

But we believe in a better chance for everyone.  Apply with Better Chance Finance, and find the best option for your situation – even if in the past you’ve had some problems with credit.

Completing your mortgage application

Applying is quick and easy, leave the rest to us.

  • Complete the form

    There are some simple, straightforward questions to answer, so we get the basic information we need to give you a better chance at your ideal mortgage.

  • Our broker will find your mortgage

    We securely send your details to our brokers, giving you a better chance at the mortgage you could get with the lowest rates. They’ll get in touch to discuss this.

  • Get a DIP

    Our broker will help you get a Decision in Principle (DIP) from the lender they’ve selected for you.

  • That’s it!

    When the mortgage is confirmed, you get to look forward to picking up those keys.
    Once you’re in, we’d love to see a photo, tag us on social media using #bcf

Mortgages FAQ

Can I get a 0% Deposit Mortgage?

Some lenders offer mortgages with 0% deposit, and so this could be an option for you. Your eligibility will depend on your personal circumstances, but it’s quick and easy to apply and see whether this is an option.

How much could I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will be dependant on your circumstances and your mortgage lenders’ criteria. Following submitting an enquiry, the broker will get in touch to talk through your circumstance on what you would like to borrow, and offer the best advice to move forward with your mortgage application.

How much does it cost to buy a house?

There are many costs to consider when purchasing your home, beyond the mortgage repayments themselves, you will also need to understand the implications of; interest rate changes, solicitor fees, surveys and moving costs where appropriate. Your lender will be able to provide advice on most of these costs to help you through the process.



I have bad credit, can you help me with a mortgage?

Many customers come to us knowing we can offer a better chance of getting a loan or mortgage, regardless of credit history. Our broker works with a wide range of lenders in each area who each specialise in helping people in different circumstances. This means they can help find you the deals that best suit you and your situation.

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* Your initial consultation and any quotations are free and you are under no obligation to proceed with any options that may be available to you. If you choose to go ahead with a mortgage or secured loan, a fee will become chargeable.