What Type Of Loan Would Be Right For Me?

When you start looking for a loan it can be quite overwhelming and confusing – with so many different loans out there, and all the various words and phrases the finance companies use to explain them. Even if you’ve had loans in the past, deciding which kind of loan would be best to go for [...]

Can I Get a Loan With Bad Credit?

If your credit score is far from perfect, you’re likely to find it trickier to get a loan – but there could still be some good options for you. You know you’ve got bad credit – but you would really like to get a loan: maybe to get a new car, or to help fund [...]

Mortgages Explained

  Moving house can be a really stressful time, and getting the right mortgage approved can seem like a mountain to climb. Even if you’re planning to change an existing mortgage, remortgaging in itself can prove trickier than you might first think. For first time buyers in particular, the whole process can be overwhelming, even [...]

Secured Loans Explained

Sometimes called a “home-owner loan” or “secured home-owner loan”, you’re able to get a secured loan if you’ve got an asset that a loan can be secured against – this is usually a house. A secured loan is a kind of personal loan that’s secured against your property, and so if you’re a home-owner you’ve [...]

Personal Loans Explained

Whatever you want a loan for, if you’re looking to borrow money and pay in monthly repayments, a Personal Loan could be just what you’re after. Unlike a Secured Loan, with a Personal Loan you don’t need to put your house or any other asset against it. You can generally borrow more than you could [...]