Can I Get a Loan With Bad Credit?

If your credit score is far from perfect, you’re likely to find it trickier to get a loan – but there could still be some good options for you. You know you’ve got bad credit – but you would really like to get a loan: maybe to get a new car, or to help fund [...]

Personal Loans Explained

Whatever you want a loan for, if you’re looking to borrow money and pay in monthly repayments, a Personal Loan could be just what you’re after. Unlike a Secured Loan, with a Personal Loan you don’t need to put your house or any other asset against it. You can generally borrow more than you could [...]

Ways to improve your credit score

A poor credit history can complicate things when trying to get a mortgage. Many mortgage providers won’t lend to someone who has suffered from bad credit regardless of their situation now. If you’ve been unsuccessful in getting a mortgage then you should work to improve your credit score. Unfortunately, there’s no quick fix for your [...]