What Are The Best Cars For Dogs?

  Over a quarter of us in the UK now own a dog, and for many, their pet is far more than “just a dog” – it’s a part of the family. So, any car you choose needs to be every bit as suitable for them as it is for you and your children. As [...]

Where Do I Start With Getting Car Finance?

  Buying a car is likely to be one of the largest financial commitment you make – most likely second only to your home – so deciding how you’re going to finance it, and the best way to go about getting second-hand car finance sorted, is a serious task. But, it doesn’t have to be [...]

Best Small Car

  Whether you opt for a small car as your main car, or as a second family car, they have many advantages. A small car can prove great to drive, ideal for inner city commutes, and being compact can be nice and easy to park. Pick the right model and they can be reliable and [...]

Our Eco-Friendly Car Buying Guide

  Cleaner and greener technologies have been around for some time now, and so even if you go all the way and opt for a hybrid car, you no longer have to sacrifice on style or quality of drive. We take a look at the green cars worthy of your cash. Take me straight to [...]

Should I Buy a Second-hand or New Car?

  There’s something really special about driving away in a brand new car – the smell of the new seats, the sparkling interiors, and they can prove to be more reliable and less costly to run sometimes. However, according to AA research 70% of those looking to buy a car this year will be after [...]

Car Finance & Loans Explained

  There are many guides that show the differences between the car finance options, but they are sometimes overly complex and don’t relate to you or provide an easy-to-understand comparison between the car loans available.   Hire Purchase (HP) Finance Hire Purchase - also referred to as HP - is the simplest form of car [...]

Car Finance with Bad Credit

  Your credit history can make a huge difference to your options when applying for car finance. Many lenders won’t consider your application if you have a poor or non-existent credit rating. There are a number of reasons why your credit might be bad, from a history of bad debt and missed repayments to something [...]

Choosing the right car with Bad Credit

Owning a car can often be a necessity for our busy day-to-day lives. However, not many of us can afford to buy a new car outright, and if you have a poor credit score, getting any kind of finance can be a challenge. You’ll want to make sure that the car you choose won’t put [...]