What Are The Best Cars For Dogs?


Over a quarter of us in the UK now own a dog, and for many, their pet is far more than “just a dog” – it’s a part of the family. So, any car you choose needs to be every bit as suitable for them as it is for you and your children. As a dog owner, choosing a car can be tricky, as there’s so much to consider. But help is at hand, keep reading for our guide to some of the best cars for dog owners on the market today.

  • Nissan X-Trail – this has always been a comfortable and easy-to-drive SUV, and while its high ride height would usually make it hard to recommended for families with less agile dogs, Nissan has shown they’re committed to dog owning drivers, by developing a bundle called the Paw Pack. This £600 group of products include a ramp to help smaller and less mobile dogs into the boot, a handy boot liner, a rack for leads, a spill-resistant water bowl, and even a dog bed.
  • Mercedes E-Class Estate – this car’s main aim is to provide drivers and passengers with comfort, with luxurious finishes and materials, as well as cutting-edge technology – it’s the ideal car for those who regularly make longer journeys. Most models have 670 litres of boot space – making it ideal for owners of dogs of all sizes, as there’s plenty of room for your pooch to lie down safely and sleep happily while the car glides seamlessly along.
  • Skoda Octavia Estate – this Skoda might not have the largest boot space, but it could just be the perfect, and reasonably priced car, for you and your small to medium-sized pooch. You and your passengers will all also have plenty of room too, as the legroom is exceptionally generous.
  • Nissan Qashqai – these SUVs tend to be extremely popular with dog owners because the raised height makes it easy to traipse in and out of uneven rural car parks for walks without scraping your bumpers. The Nissan Qashqai is considered up there with best mid-size SUVs you can buy. It’s comfortable and easy to drive, and has a classy interior with plenty of space.
  • Land Rover Discovery – this one is plenty big and boxy enough for a full team of retrievers, but the real beauty lies in where this car will let you take them. No other popular car has the Discovery’s level of off-roading ability, so if you fancy taking your pack for a hilly trek in the wild, the Discovery will get you further.
  • Audi Q2 – while it’s pretty much true that every model in the Q range is suitable for those who regularly take their dog along for the ride, the Q2 generally tends to be the most affordable model in the range.
  • Audi Allroad Quattro – essentially the more plush version of the Skoda Octavia Scout. If your budget can stretch to it, you’ll get better off-roading styling, more dynamic handling and a smoother drive. Plus it’s an absolute joy to operate and look at.